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World Sleep Day 2022

Today is World Sleep Day! Does that mean we get to sleep all day? Well- actually that would not be good for us at all. World Sleep Day shines a light on the power of sleep in maintaining good mental …

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The power of positive psychology

Positive psychology is a growing, research-based field of study which extends beyond recovering from mental illness, to helping people thrive.

By focusing on what is good in our lives, and on positive states such as awe, contentment, optimism, wisdom, joy, courage and love, we are more likely to experience growth and happiness, and to achieve an optimal level of functioning.

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Are you overthinking it?

We all do it—reliving a moment over and over, obsessively thinking about something that is worrying us, our minds ruminating like a rat on a wheel. Worry and rumination are very common thinking styles and many clients come to therapy …

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Introducing Dr Jason Coates

It is with great pleasure that we welcome another experienced clinical psychologist to our Morningside practice. As a registered clinical psychologist, Jason is trained in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of complex mental health concerns. Jason strives to develop a …

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Such a shame

Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist In pre-Covid days, I attended an interstate conference. One of the keynote speakers, Dr Scott Kellog, said in his workshop presentation; “If you are involved in social media you are involved with social shaming.” This statement …

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Towards Better Sleep August

Towards Better Sleep was established over 18 years ago by Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Smith and Psychiatrist Dr Curt Gray. Kathryn is a Clinical Psychologist and co-director of  Psychology Consultants and Dr Curt Gray is an experienced Psychiatrist and sleep specialist in public and …

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Clinical Psychology Registrar Program

Psychology Consultants is inviting Clinical Psychology Registrars to apply for four positions in our Clinical Psychology Registrar Program, commencing July 2021. The program has been carefully designed to support clinical psychology registrars to obtain endorsement as Clinical Psychologists. The program …

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Registrations open for Towards Better Sleep

Towards Better Sleep is a cognitive behavioural treatment programme that has been effectively treating insomnia for over 18 years. The Brisbane based programme is facilitated by Clinical Psychologist Kathryn Smith and Psychiatrist Dr Curt Gray and run from Psychology Consultants …

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