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Today is World Sleep Day! Does that mean we get to sleep all day? Well- actually that would not be good for us at all. World Sleep Day shines a light on the power of sleep in maintaining good mental health.
Often, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to sleep with a bunch of habits that are seriously unhelpful.
Here are 5 common habits that are serious sleep killers.
1. Worrying about sleep during the day. This is a number 1 ‘no-no’.
2. Drinking too much caffeine, particularly after 2pm
3. Overindulging in alcohol during the evening. Not only will this keep you up to the loo; alcohol is a major sleep inhibitor, affecting your natural circadian rhythm.
4. Exercising within 3 hours of bedtime. Although exercise is key to overall health and beneficial to quality sleep; be mindful of working out too close to bedtime as it produces too much physiological arousal which is not preparing our body for sleep.
5. Gluing yourself to a screen. Technology is a sleep killer with the blue/green light omitted interrupting your natural circadian rhythm. If the technology is work related, you are also not allowing your mind to destress and decompartmentalise work life from home life.
If you do have ongoing sleep problems, talking to a Psychologist can be a positive step forward to improving your health and wellbeing. Visit this page to peruse our list of psychologists practicing across Newmarket and Morningside offices.  #WorldSleepDay #towardsbettersleep