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Is emotion clouding your judgement

Image Credit: Tengyart @ Unsplash Remember the time your Aunty made a throw away comment that struck a cord and ruined your day? We have all been there. Whether dealing with trauma or not, we all have emotional triggers that …

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Opening up about depression in the workplace

During QLD Mental Health Week 6-14thOctober 2018  #QMHW #valuementalhealth By Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist: Psychology Consultants   We’ve heard it time and time again, ‘depression is an illness, like any other physical illness’ yet still, so many of us suffer in …

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Postnatal depression

MUM’S THE WORD By Kathryn Smith- Clinical Psychologist Queensland Mental Health week  is upon us, acting as a timely reminder to speak about a topic which is not often spoken about. We are bombarded with ads on TV depicting how wonderful …

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More than a case of the Winter Blues

Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist Ever noticed a yearly pattern of feeling sad and depressed during the winter months? While its normal to experience a change in mood during winter, some people, especially those living in very cold climates, experience what …

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