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Are we on the same page here?

The importance of boundaries in the family unit It’s common for loving couples who are perfectly compatible to experience some challenges when children come on the scene. Differing styles of communication and views on respect, boundaries and appropriate discipline can …

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Simple Steps to Solve Childhood Phobias

 Dr Stan Steindl, Clinical Psychologist  Phobias such as fear of animals, heights, or the dark are common psychological problems in children:probably more so than other better known problems like conduct disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But how do parents …

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One in Seven Kids…

1 in 7 young Australians experience a mental health disorder. This alarming statistic is derived from a government report that surveyed the mental health of 6300 Australian families. Rates for depression, self-harm and anxiety are a major cause for concern …

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Teaching Children about Anxiety

Anxiety problems in children are very common, probably more so than other better-known behavioural problems like conduct disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. But how can we help children who suffer from anxiety? Anxiety and fears in children are often …

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What kids need after parental separation

Marital separation can be a stressful and emotionally difficult time for families, with the focus often on children and how they might cope. Seeing a psychologist during this time, can help parents and children manage the transition, with practical advice …

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Putting Kids to the Test!

Surviving NAPLAN: By Miranda Mullins, Clinical Psychologist- Psychology Consultants NAPLAN is fast approaching and so is the annual debate about whether this kind of testing is putting young kids under too much pressure. Whatever your opinion, the fact of the …

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