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You Hold the Key to Managing Change

By Ingrid Schults  Change is necessary in all our lives. It is often a positive experience, but sometimes change is difficult to accept or to adapt to.  Major changes or life stage transitions (especially unexpected ones) can become overwhelming and …

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The truth about boredom

With Dr Alicia Carter Life is so busy that most of us would revel in the opportunity to feel bored but on the odd occasion that we or our children are bored, we suppress the feeling and seek refuge from …

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Top hacks to lessen Mother’s Guilt

So, how does society define a ‘good mother’? “Children don’t come with a manual and their wants and needs are individual. It is important to think about our values. We can often be caught up with the hustle and bustle of life and the ‘rules’ associated with raising children. Children are to be raised, uplifted, encouraged to grow and explore their world with safety and confidence,” says Dr Carter.

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The power of positive psychology

Positive psychology is a growing, research-based field of study which extends beyond recovering from mental illness, to helping people thrive.

By focusing on what is good in our lives, and on positive states such as awe, contentment, optimism, wisdom, joy, courage and love, we are more likely to experience growth and happiness, and to achieve an optimal level of functioning.

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Getting into the right head space

Reflect on a time when you weren’t in a good head space. Did your head feel scattered, were you frustrated, angry, anxious or just a bit sad? Now have a think about whether you were also really busy at the time. If the answer is yes, then read on.

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COVID- I’m so over it!

COVID Fatigue and the impact on young Australians Over the past 18 months, our country and the world has been shackled by an invisible invader and to put it quite frankly- we are over it! At the start of the …

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Need a digital cleanse?

If ‘all things in moderation’ is your life mantra then this article will serve you no good because when it comes to your digital gadgets, you will have things completely under wraps. If, however, you are like the vast majority …

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2020 Silver Linings

As we bid farewell to what Time magazine described as ‘The worst year ever’ , many of us look to 2021 with hope, gratitude and a new-found resilience. Whilst it’s necessary to grieve the missed opportunities and tragedies brought on …

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