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A Mental Shake Up -Pause for Parkinson’s Day

Dr Stan Steindl, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Consultants Today, April 11, is Pause for Parkinson’s Day, a mark of awareness for a neurodegenerative progressive disease that currently affects 10 million people worldwide. According to the National Parkinson’s Foundations, ‘Parkinson’ Outcomes Project’ …

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Chronic Pain – More than a Pain In The Neck!

By Dr Claire Jensen, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Consultants, Newmarket. Unless you have suffered chronic pain, it is very difficult to imagine the stress it places on a person’s life, not to mention the impact on those around them. Without intervention, …

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Dealing with the emotional impacts of Cancer

Depending on their individual diagnosis and prognosis, everyone copes differently with the disease and the challenges that it presents. Many cancer sufferers and their families find it helpful to hear from others who have been through it, and becoming a member of support groups like that offered by Cancer Council can be very beneficial.

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