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Need a digital cleanse?

If ‘all things in moderation’ is your life mantra then this article will serve you no good because when it comes to your digital gadgets, you will have things completely under wraps. If, however, you are like the vast majority …

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Is it stress or anxiety?

Photo credit: on Unsplash When feeling stressed, you may also feel anxious, and this leads some people to believe they may have an anxiety disorder. From the outset, it can be difficult to spot the difference as many of …

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Email Stress!

Photo credit: John Schnobrich- Unsplash Gerard, a sales executive in an international IT company, first came to Psychology Consultants because he felt stressed. After discussing his current situation, we quickly became perplexed. He had a good relationship with his wife, …

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Work to Live- Not Live to Work

How to avoid Job Burnout You’ve officially reached the half-way mark but that Summer break seems leap years away and getting up to go to work every day has become a major chore. You’ve become increasingly cynical at work and …

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Anger Management 101

We all get angry sometimes and this is totally normal, but if your anger is interfering with daily function, work life or affecting relationships, it’s time to question what is fuelling this feeling, and how to best manage the outburst. …

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