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In 2019…I will get more sleep

Kathryn Smith, Psychology Consultants Is getting more sleep one of your New Year resolutions? If so, well done for prioritising your health, with sleep being the absolute pillar, impacting your physical, emotional and mental health. But perhaps you need to …

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Coffee- Friend by Day- Enemy by Night

Coffee- Most people live for it and there has never been a better time to own a cafe, with Australian coffee culture deemed one of the most advanced in the world. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australia, 1 …

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Insomnia driving you up the wall?

Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist and facilitator of insomnia program Towards Better Sleep recommends the following: Stay up later rather than going to bed earlier Going to bed when you are not sleepy can start a vicious insomnia cycle. You feel …

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Time to settle your sleep debt?

Generally, when your bills are due, you pay them, give or take a week. When they are overdue, the creditor gets cranky and sends you emails and text messages demanding payment. When you’re in sleep debt, your body is not …

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Why writing a list can help you sleep

You may think that writing a long list of things you need to achieve would be counterintuitive to a good night’s sleep but Clinical Psychologist, Kathryn Smith, thinks not. “Many people find when they have a lot on their plate …

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Mind the booze if you want a good snooze

By Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist, Psychology Consultants Silly season is just around the corner and for many of us this means kicking off the heels and having a bit of fun. In essence, this means more food, more booze and …

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