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Coffee- Most people live for it and there has never been a better time to own a cafe, with Australian coffee culture deemed one of the most advanced in the world.
According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australia, 1 billion cups of coffee are consumed per year at cafes, restaurants and other outlets in Australia in 2006, with consumption of coffee doubling over the past 30 years.
But what does all this caffeine consumption mean for our sleep? With sleep problems also on the rise, affecting 33-45% of Australian adults, we must look to our lifestyle for possible causes.
The hard truth is caffeine is a drug, one that promotes alertness by inhibiting the sleepy chemicals in our brain. And although it’s perky effects kick in very quickly (within 30-70mins), its effects also linger in the system for 3 to 7 hours and up to 24 hours before fully vacating the premises. (source: Sleep Health Foundation).
Caffeine is also a diuretic and may keep you running to the loo at night. So if coffee rules your day but plaques you by night, you may want to reconsider the timing of those flat whites.
If you are struggling with ongoing sleep problems, consider the benefits of group therapy, with insomnia programme, Towards Better Sleep. The next programme, runs over 6 weeks, commencing on 4th October from Psychology Consultants Morningside. Visit the Towards Better Sleep page to find out more about the programme.