The Healing Power of Sleep

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Kathryn Smith, Clinical Psychologist & Curt Gray, Psychiatrist & Facilitators of Towards Better Sleep

When you skimp on sleep, your body goes into overdrive and operating on an empty tank can have some pretty heavy side effects. Here’s three reasons why getting better sleep can heal your mind, body and soul.

1. You eat less when you have slept better

A recent finding from a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that people ate up to 300 fewer calories when they had adequate sleep and there are many reasons for this. One being the part of the brain that controls sleep, also plays a part in appetite stimulation. It is also true, that when you are tired you are more likely to crave carbohydrates and have less will-power to resist food. The obvious link between weight and sleep is simply based on the fact that you spend less hours awake consuming calories.

2. Better Sleep improves mood

It’s no secret that we have our cranky pants on when sleep has fallen to the wayside. Over time, this can have an accumulative effect and low mood can result.  Evidence suggests that people with insomnia have a ten-fold risk of developing depression compared with those who sleep well (National Sleep Foundation). Sleep helps to restore the body and mind and in turn we are able to have a more positive outlook on life.

3. Sleep helps to repair the body physically

While you are snoozing, your body is busy repairing itself, tissues and muscles (including out brain) are being rejuvenated, helping your wake up, ready to take on the world. Sleep, also helps the body defend against disease, as you make more white blood cells when in la-la-land, meaning you are less likely to get sick when well rested.

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