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Workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying Awareness Month-June 2013.

Clinical Psychologist Helen Perry shares her story. Matthew* a 37 year old project manager sits across from me, sleep deprived, anxious and jobless- a broken man.

The Working Mother

Juggling Act

By Psychologist Kylie Layton
Today it seems that parents and particularly mothers are expected to be super heroes, their superpower is multi-tasking. The question is what is a working mother’s kryptonite and how do we sustain the juggling act?
The decision to go back to work after having a baby can be a difficult one for many women, provoking a complex web of emotions, from liberation and pleasure to guilt and anxiety.

Case Study

The stress of modern technology

Gerard, a sales executive in an international IT company, first came to Psychology Consultants because he felt stressed. After discussing his current situation, we quickly became perplexed. He had a good relationship with his wife, a busy, fulfilling job, he exercised regularly, found time for hobbies on the weekends, and his diet was impeccable. Why was he stressed?


Assisting employees through programs

By Dr Stan Steindl, BA PGDipPsych MClinPsych PhD(Clin) MAPS
In any one year, one in four Australians experience psychological symptoms that would meet criteria for clinical diagnosis.


Stages experienced by employees facing redundancy Change is a central issue for all organisations today. And sometimes the difficult decision to “let people go” has to be made.

Coaching at Work

Enhancing Your Work and Personal Performance

By Dr Stan Steindl, BA PGDipPsych MClinPsych PhD(Clin) MAPS
People in business often refer to work difficulties:
“How can I get through to my staff?”
“What should I do when staff don’t get along?”
“Are the ideas I’m having worth pursuing?”
“How do I plan ahead for my business?”
Case Study

Major mental illness in the workplace

Jacob is 37 years old. He has worked for the public sector for 12 years and performs his tasks well. He is quiet at work, but is pleasant and unassuming. He lives with his wife in a rented house and has one daughter who is 8 years old. The family usually walks their dog before Jacob goes to work of a morning. On the weekend they enjoy indoor bowling. Jacob has a bookshelf full of bowling trophies.