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Courage: The Heart of Compassion

By Dr Stan Steindl

Compassion is a feeling AND an action.

Paul Gilbert, in his 2009 book The Compassionate Mind, emphasises this action component of compassion:

Compassion can be defined as behaviour that aims to nurture, look after, teach, guide, mentor, soothe, protect, offer feelings of acceptance and belonging – in order to benefit another person.

Many people feel compassion for another who they see is suffering. However, it seems that a fewer number of people act compassionately, especially when the person suffering is a stranger or someone from outside their family, friendship or cultural group.

It’s easy (or at least easier) to act compassionately towards someone we love. Picking up our own child when they fall and scrape their knee comes very naturally. So too, offering our best friend support during their time of need. Much more difficult is acting compassionately towards a stranger, let alone someone we actively don’t like or perhaps is our enemy.

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Having you heart in the right place

By Dr Stan Steindl

I recently presented at the International Symposium on Motivational Interviewing (ISMI) in Melbourne on the topic of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Compassion.

As many will know, MI is a communication style in which clinicians can explore with clients the client’s own motivations for change, helping the client to articulate to themselves what they’d like to change, why, what makes it important to them and how they might go about it. Ultimately, MI helps the client to resolve feelings of ambivalence about change and make a commitment to what actions they will take next.

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New Years Resolution & Self-Compassion

By Clinical Psychologist Dr James Kirby

When the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve we all celebrate and enjoy the moment. However, not long after, we get met with that dreaded question?

So what are your New Years Resolutions?

This can lead to all sorts of responses, such as: lose weight, exercise more, spend more time with my children, save more money, drink less, or even find a new hobby. Sound familiar? Our New Year Resolutions really can be quite diverse. However, one common element to all of these resolutions is that they require a lot of hard work. All the resolutions I listed are also quite vague and not that specific, yet we hear them all the time, indeed many of them are ones I have set myself.

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