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Life is a journey that can present us with a wide range of unexpected and complicated challenges along the way. The emotional ups and downs that we experience can be difficult to cope with, and, sometimes, can lead to stress, anxiety, and/or depression, as well as a range of other psychological problems.

Psychologists are trained and experienced in using evidence-based treatments, such as Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), to achieve the best outcomes for people of all ages, as well as couples, families, and larger groups and organisations.

Generally speaking, Psychologists focus on thoughts and beliefs, behaviours and actions, and the emotions or feelings related to a person’s specific problem. This begins with an assessment phase, where the psychologist builds an understanding of a person’s problems. Following this is a treatment phase, where specific exercises, techniques and strategies are developed and practiced.

At the core of a Psychologist’s approach is the development a supportive, empathic and respectful relationship, where the focus is on a combination of active listening and understanding, and best-practice, relevant advice giving. Psychologists often seek feedback on the approach they are taking, both formally and informally, to ensure that they are offering the best service they can and enhance your outcomes.

The amount of time spent in treatment varies. For some, it is useful to meet for several sessions to allow a thorough assessment and effective treatment approach. For others, ongoing therapy might not be necessary, with just a few sessions assisting greatly in helping you work through a specific change or problem that you are experiencing.

Psychology Consultants have a team of 21 Clinical Psychologists, male and female, who are highly qualified and regarded in the psychology industry. Having such a large team of Psychologists provides you with the opportunity to select a Psychologist that you feel comfortable working with.

We have practices on Brisbane’s North and South side and offer flexible appointment times including Saturday appointments (Morningside only).

Most commonly individuals see our Psychologists to help:

Manage depression;
Cope with anxiety or stress;
Improve sleep;
Manage anger;
Assist with goals and direction in life;
Manage addictions;
Manage acute and chronic pain;
Adjust to personal loss or trauma;
Manage eating disorders;
Deal with child behavioural and emotional concerns such as anxiety and fear, sadness, and ADHD;
Improve parenting skills;
Cope with life transitions;
Make career decisions;
Enhance relationships;
Manage health concerns; and
Manage dealing with disabilities.

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