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Eve has returned from leave and is available from Morningside practice on Tuesdays.

Bachelor of Arts (Major Psychology)
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Honours Class I)
Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Eve has experience working with a broad range of clients, including adults, adolescents and couples. She has worked in a range of clinical settings, providing both face-to-face and telephone counselling, and has facilitated a number of group therapy programs including Triple P parenting skills programs.

Eve has provided psychological assistance for a variety of presenting concerns including depression, anxiety (including generalised anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and social anxiety), relationship difficulties, traumatic life experiences, grief and loss and difficulties adjusting to life transitions and major life stressors. Eve has provided psychological counselling to hospital patients (predominantly gynaecological cancer patients), their family members and primary caregivers, to address a broad range of psychosocial concerns. She has also assisted parents of both children and adolescents to manage a range of behavioural, psychological and psychosocial presenting concerns.

In her practice, Eve employs a range of evidence-based therapeutic interventions to address her clients’ needs, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, the Triple P Program for both children and adolescents and Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy.

As the thesis component of her Doctor of Psychology degree, Eve studied the relationships between social anxiety, social acceptance and theory of mind skills in adolescents.

Eve works in the Morningside office on Tuesdays, please call reception to make an appointment.

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