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How a Clinical Psychologist can help you sleep

If you are finding ongoing sleeplessness is affecting your health and wellbeing, talking to a Clinical Psychologist can be helpful in developing practical long-term strategies to manage insomnia. The use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to treat insomnia has proven effective in that it takes a holistic approach looking at social, emotional and environmental aspects of a person’s life to unfold what is causing the sleep problem.

Meet Kathryn Smith: Clinical Psychologist & Facilitator of Towards Better Sleep

Kathryn has been a registered psychologist since 1992 and is joint director at Psychology Consultants. She is a full member and qualified supervisor for the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.

With extensive experience and predominant training in the field of cognitive- behavioural therapy, Kathryn’s work experience has been broad. She has worked in child and adolescent psychiatry, community psychiatry, health psychology, acute psychological assessments, medico-legal assessments, and individual counselling, management and supervision. Kathryn has held senior clinical positions in both the public and private health sectors.

Kathryn’s special interests lie in treating adults with anxiety disorders such as health anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, social phobia, and generalised anxiety disorder. She has extensive experience and expertise in treating insomnia and is the co-founder and facilitator of the Towards Better Sleep program. Kathryn has been effectively treating patients with insomnia, both individually and through her group sleep therapy program, using a combination of therapeutic interventions including, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. To learn more about Towards Better Sleep or to register for the program, visit the website www.towardsbettersleep.com.au



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