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What should I expect when I see a psychologist?

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Appointments with your clinical psychologist or psychologist generally last one hour. During your first appointment, you will have an opportunity to explain your current concerns from your perspective.

Where couples, families, and parents with children attend, each person will be given the opportunity to speak with your psychologist individually. It is advisable that where couples are attending therapy together, they do not make individual appointments without the others knowledge as this may impact upon treatment and outcomes.

During your first session or two, your psychologist will further develop an understanding of your concerns by exploring your thoughts, emotions and behaviour, asking about the background of the problem, and asking you to fill out questionnaires where appropriate. Your psychologist will discuss your treatment plan and proposed number of sessions with you.

The aim of treatment will be to help you understand your problems, to develop effective ways of managing and coping with difficulties, and to make changes that improve your well-being.

Throughout this process you will always be treated with respect and can be ensured that sessions are confidential.

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