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What is couples counselling?

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At Psychology Consultants we have a number of clinical psychologists, specifically trained in the field of relationship counselling. Our Clinical Psychologists use a range of therapeutic interventions to gain insight into your relationship, employing strategies to resolve conflict and improve your satisfaction with each other. Problems may range from specific issues, like sex, money and spending, to generalised concerns with communication and emotions. Your therapist will focus on providing practical everyday solutions to improve your relationship, like rules of engagement, how you agree to talk and interact with one another.

Often ideas of how relationships should function are based on how our parents or other family members interact and this is not always ideal. Discussing roles, responsibilities within the relationship as well as mutually acceptable styles of communication can reveal differences in ideologies, sometimes the root of the problem.

Most people come away from couple’s therapy with a much deeper understanding of their partner, having spent time understanding each other’s perspective and emotional needs. It also aims to improve communication and develop better conflict resolution skills, with the outcome often improving the individuals emotional and mental health. Couple’s therapy not only resolve current issues but may prevent major breakdowns. So rather than consider couples therapy as a last resort, reframe it and add it to your annual “check-up” list.

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