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How can I make the best use of therapy?

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Your psychologist will often discuss your individual therapy needs and the frequency of appointments. Typically at the start of therapy, regular and frequent appointments will be scheduled and gradually this will be tapered off as indicated by therapeutic progress. Attending scheduled appointments will assist in your treatment progress and prevent relapse.

Therapy is effective when you utilise what you learn in the sessions by integrating it into your everyday life. Typically, most therapy sessions will end with a homework assignment and review the progress with this at the start of the following session. It is also recommended to take notes at the end of each session to help you remember things or to write questions down that you would like to discuss at the next session. Please ensure you complete any handouts or questionnaires your psychologist has given you as these can greatly enhance therapy.

Psychology sessions can also be enhanced with psychological readings, workbooks, brochures and CDs. Your psychologist can recommend appropriate choices. Some reference books are available for sale at reception.

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