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Assisting employees through programs

By Dr Stan Steindl, BA PGDipPsych MClinPsych PhD(Clin) MAPS

In any one year, one in four Australians experience psychological symptoms that would meet criteria for clinical diagnosis.

A significant percentage of these are likely to be in the workforce and their symptoms may, to a greater and lesser degree and for varying periods of time, impact on their personal and work functioning.

In response, more and more organisations are choosing to implement employee assistance programs (EAPs) for their staff.

EAPs are designed to identify, treat and, if necessary, refer on, employees whose personal problems affect their performance at work.

Generally, an EAP is available to any worker who can either refer themselves or be referred by supervisors, managers or rehabilitation coordinators.

Psychology Consultants consider five key elements to be vital to the provision of EAP services:


    • Considering the total person, including families,
    • Strictly adhering to confidentiality and anonymity,
    • Providing reactive and proactive strategies for enhancing employee well being,
    • Integrating individual counselling and organisational interventions, and
    • Providing professional counselling by extensively experienced psychologists.

If you would like more information on EAPs, please see our services section of the website or contact Psychology Consultants.

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