Eating Disorders Learning Group- a skilled-based program for those caring for a loved one with an eating disorder

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Eating disorders can dramatically affect families and the way they function and communicate. The Eating Disorders Learning Group was developed to help parents and carers foster a healthier relationship with their loved one as they help them on the road to recovery.

“I thought I was a good parent, but when this eating disorder came into our daughters life, my wife and I felt so alone and out of our depth. This group helped us to connect with other parents and learn and practice techniques to help our daughter.”Anon

Psychologist Cathy Dart

Psychologist Cathy Dart

Eating Disorders specialist and Psychologist Cathy Dart of Psychology Consultants, facilitates the six week program held at Rosemont campus at Windsor, Brisbane.

The program costs $130 per person and may help you:

  • Understand more about eating disorders and ways to support recovery
  • Learn and practicing helpful communication skills
  • Develop positive coping strategies
  • Foster a healthier relationship with your loved one.

Download the Eating Disorders Learning Group brochure for further detail or call our friendly reception team for information on start dates: (07) 3356 8255

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