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Treatment of Depression

Our large team of Brisbane Psychologist are experienced and skilled in the treatment of depression and anxiety and related conditions such as personality disorders, phobias and panic disorders. It is important to find a Psychologist that you feel comfortable sharing your deepest emotions with when dealing with serious conditions like anxiety and depression.  Psychology Consultants have a large team of male and female Psychologists across our practices at Morningside and Newmarket, all of whom have extensive experience in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Our team of Clinical Psychologists use a variety of treatments to help clients develop strategies to overcome or manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Most commonly practiced is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is an evidence-based therapy which focuses mostly on the way people think about things (including their attitudes and beliefs) and the way they behave. CBT is based on the understanding that thinking negatively is a habit, and, like any other bad habit, it can be modified. It helps people identify where their thoughts and actions are negative, and then to replace these “bad habits” with more helpful thoughts and responses.

You can read more about our team of Clinical Psychologists, their qualifications and therapy approach on our Brisbane Psychologists page.

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