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Dealing with Depression with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Brisbane (CBT)

Feeling sad or depressed is normal, but this feeling of depression sometimes starts interfering with the personal as well as professional life of the people due to increased life pressures.

Clinical psychologist and director of Psychology Consultants, Dr. Stan Steindl informs that about 15% of people are likely to face an issue of depression and look for help. He further adds, “Many more people may suffer from depression. They may not recognise that they are depressed or may be ashamed or embarrassed to admit their feelings.”
According to Dr Steindl, depression can occur to anyone at any age, but women belonging to 25 to 44 years of age group are more likely to obtain help.

Life pressures that can result in depression may consist of:

  • Stress or work pressure
  • Chronic pain or illness
  • Grief or loneliness
  • Relationship failures
  • Childbirth, menopause, or even
  • Retirement or financial matters

Clinical depression can be major depression that occurs due to stressful event.
More enduring depression called dysthymia develops gradually and often happens due to a number of compounding stressful events.

These two types of depression react well to psychological treatment, especially cognitive behavioural therapy.
Dr Steindl reveals that evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy Brisbane is effective in treating depression by modifying thought patterns and people’s behaviour that cause depression. Some cognitive elements consist of:

  • Negative self-talk monitoring skills
  • Identifying relation between thought, behaviour and mood
  • Challenging thinking

Behavioural components of cognitive behavioural therapy Brisbane may consist of:

  • Weekly schedule planning
  • A pleasure schedule planning to enable people to identify when they are enjoying activities
  • Goal setting and attainment to help people adopt a more positive outlook towards themselves

Some patients diagnosed with severe depression may require medication.
Symptoms of Depression
People suffering from low mood or lack of physical energy may suffer from depression. Ask these questions:

  • Do you find it difficult to feel happy?
  • Do you have stopped enjoying your hobbies, entertainment, your job, etc.?
  • Is your appetite affected resulting in either weight loss or gain without needing any effort?
  • Do you lack sleep?
  • Have you slowed down physically?
  • Do you always feel tired, worthless or guilty about past misdeeds?
  • Are you finding it difficult to focus or make decisions?
  • Are you thinking of death or suicide?
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