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The importance of the daily mental health check

The situation the world is facing and has endured over the last few months, would have been previously unimaginable, affecting every human being on the planet; physically, financially, socially, emotionally and psychologically. The impact of this global pandemic has been devastating, and we are living through a part of history that future generations will marvel at, and perhaps have to cope with the potential ongoing aftereffects.

As we all learn to ‘cope’ with our new way of living, it’s more important than ever to keep our mental and emotional wellbeing in check.  Just as we would for physical symptoms, we need to check in with our emotional selves daily and kindly ask; ‘Am I okay’?

If the answer is ‘No’, or even ‘I’m not sure,’ then don’t brush those feelings under the carpet. Asking for help or talking about your feelings with someone you trust has never been more important. Remember there is no shame in asking for help; it is an act of courage and will only lead to a better coping and resilience. And when we feel better able to cope ourselves, then we can also turn our attention to supporting others!

During this time, clinical psychologists have taken to offering therapy via telehealth as we strive to maintain a way of safely relating, while continuing to help people manage their emotional and psychological wellbeing. Telehealth is therapy via phone or online platforms and has many proven benefits.

People can experience a range of barriers when taking those first steps towards professional help and many of these can be resolved by telehealth or online therapy. Barriers like, how to discretely fit a therapy session into your work day, as well as the emotional step of physically attending a therapist’s practice. Telehealth allows people to seek psychological help and therapy from the comfort and safety of their own home, and with discretion and convenience.

Clinical psychologist, Dr Nicola Spence, shares her honest views on telehealth; “To be honest, the prospect of offering psychology sessions through Telehealth did not sound appealing at the beginning. I didn’t believe that it would allow me and the person to form as significant a relationship and might not be useful. Reluctantly, I commenced Telehealth sessions due to the COVID19 pandemic. I have been really surprised by how well the sessions flow and how, with some simple tweaks, I am still able to deliver effective therapy strategies and tools. Even with people I am meeting for the first time, we have been able to connect and work well together. I completely understand the hesitancy some people may feel about having their psychology sessions using Telehealth. My best advice would be to give it a go and try it out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”.

Heightened levels of anxiety are to be expected at this time as we try to manage the many changes and uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought. If you are experiencing anxiety, anger, sadness or a whole range of other possible emotional responses and concerns during these difficult times, talking to a clinical psychologist can help to develop personal strategies to manage your feelings. To view our team of Clinical Psychologists, all of whom can provide telehealth sessions, head to the Brisbane Psychologists page of our website. If you would prefer to come into the practice, many of our clinical psychologists at Newmarket and Morningside are still offering face-to-face sessions whilst adhering to social distancing and hygiene regulations.

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