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Insomnia driving you up the wall?


You wouldn't think staying up later rather than going to bed earlier would be advisable when suffering from insomnia but going to bed when you are not sleepy can start a vicious insomnia cycle. You feel anxious and frustrated that you can’t fall asleep, and then you lie awake while the problem perpetuates. It is important to differentiate sleepiness from just feeling tired. We can experience tired throughout our body, but sleepiness is simply dictated by our eyes closing and literally “getting the nods”. Sleepiness will come in waves and when we get this wave at an appropriate time at night, we need to take this cue and catch it. If insomnia is driving you up the wall, register for the next Towards Better Sleep programme commencing 12th July 2018 email: newmarket@psychologyconsultants.com.au   

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