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Towards Better Sleep

Posted on June 28, 2013 in Other - 1

Can’t Sleep: Try Towards Better Sleep?

Next programme commencing 30th January 2018 

If you are suffer from insomnia or long term sleep programmes, you may benefit from our group programme, Towards Better Sleep. To register for the next programme, call (07) 3356 8255 or email tbs@psychologyconsultants.com.au, group runs with 9 people or less so places are limited.

Towards Better Sleep (TBS) is a proven six session group program assisting people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep related problems. Conducted by consultant psychiatrist, Dr Curt Gray and clinical psychologist, Kathryn Smith, in groups of 9 or less the sessions run over six weeks and provide participants with proven techniques to effectively improve sleep.

TBS is a cognitive behavioural treatment programme that has been effectively treating insomnia for over 15 years. The Brisbane based programme uses evidence based techniques meaning they have been scientifically proven to be effective in treating insomnia. Focusing on education, behavioural techniques, correcting faulty thinking and relaxation strategies, the programme runs on demand throughout the year at Psychology Consultant’s Morningside practice, located at Level 1, 18 Thynne Road, Morningside, Brisbane.

Each session costs $100.00 to attend, however we request full programme payment of $400.00 prior to the programmes’ commencement. The medicare rebate currently stands at $41.95 (as at 1 Nov 2011). GPs can refer by downloading the direct referral form and more information can be found in our information for clients brochure.

For further information visit www.towardsbettersleep.com.au or to register your interest in the next available group, please phone (07) 3356 8255 or email tbs@psychologyconsultants.com.au

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