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How to let go of perfectionism

Posted on March 1, 2016 in - 0

The thing about perfectionists, those that constantly strive for flawlessness, success and the absolute best in everything they do, is that behind the glossy exterior, they are generally dissatisfied and unhappy with life.

Constantly striving for more and leaving little time to stop and smell the roses, perfectionism is an exhausting feat that can spiral out of control, affecting self-worth and sometimes leading to more serious issues like depression and eating disorders.

Fuelling the perfectionists are those around them, providing the approval, acceptance and praise they yearn for. Praise is not typically counterproductive but for the perfectionist it reaffirms insecurities based on the need to achieve the best, to be worthy. Read the full article on our blog

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Dr Gino Medoro

Posted on October 1, 2013 in - 0

Gino is a registered clinical psychologist who has experience working with adults and adolescents with a range of complex psychological difficulties. This includes anxiety, depression, complex trauma, eating disorders, substance misuse,

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Quest for Rest

Posted on September 4, 2013 in - 0

As seen in Saturday’s Q-Weekend, an eye-opening sleep report on the importance of sleep and it’s impact on daily function and overall health. Featuring our very own Kathryn Smith and Towards Better Sleep client, who tells her story and how the program helped her regain health sleep habits and a better perspective on this pillar of health. Click here to read the story as a pdf. Or email newmarket@psychologyconsultants.com.au to register for the next group commencing 12th April 


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