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WritingSeminar_WebADPsychology Consultants is a Brisbane based practice with a professional team of Clinical Psychologists trained to help children, adolescents, men and women, couples, families, professionals and senior people to cope with a wide variety of emotional and personal challenges, such as stress, depression, anxiety, and relationship troubles. Based out of Brisbane in Australia at Newmarket and Morningside, we are an expert team of Brisbane Psychologists, committed to the health and wellbeing of our clients.

Our psychology services are meticulously designed to promote safety, trust, empathy and confidentiality between our clients and us. We understand that life has become a competitive space where one has to go through different pains and struggles for the sake of mere survival. But in order to survive, it’s important to have control over varying situations without succumbing to them. With this aim in mind, we offer a range of professional services through a large team of male and female Brisbane Psychologists. So when you need professional help to deal with life’s situations our clinical psychologists and registered psychologist are here for you.

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Psychology Consultants is a well-established and highly regarded clinical psychology practice in Brisbane, Australia. Since 1999, Psychology Consultants has
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Life is a journey that can present us with a wide range of unexpected and complicated challenges along the way. The emotional ups and downs that we experience can be
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Psychology Consultants has gathered together a professional team that is highly trained and very experienced. To view our team Click Here

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Facing Your Mortality – Advice on Death Anxiety


By Dr Tan, Clinical Psychologist Many of us will at one time or another experience anxiety about our own mortality.  Sometimes, the triggers are life-limiting illnesses.  Sometimes, observing the death of friends or families may serve to remind us that our time on earth is finite too.  Other times, dangers and threats to our lives breaks up the illusion that we are invulnerable and cannot be harmed.   Often it is the inevitable process of ageing that shoves our mortality into our faces.  People react to these differently.  One client in his 60s worked hard at the gym to preserve his build and body whilst his wife chose cosmetic interventions so that the face that looked back from the mirror was still youthful. Read the full article here      


Clinical Psychologist

Therapeutic Writing is a form of self-development that researchers have found to benefit our emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Register for the free public seminar held by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Tan on Wednesday 22 June and find out how therapeutic writing may help you regulate your emotions. The seminar will be held in a small group of 8 and take you through ways to express, control and manage your emotions through writing. Places are limited so call the office today 3356 8255.  

'Radiance' webheader

Register for 'Radiance'- A Group Program for Eating & Weight Concerns


  This 8 week program explores the role of self-criticism in maintaining eating, eating and body image concerns among men and women. In addition to providing skills and information aimed at improving body-image and healthy-eating behaviour, the program seeks to add the ingredient often missing from health eating - self compassion. Facilitated by Dr Kiera Buchanan and Dr Stan Steindl the program will run on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm commencing June 15th. The cost is $65 per session. To register your interest please contact (07) 3395 8633  

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